The Harmonious Couple


A Relationship Only on the Surface

There are many couples who appear to be perfect for each other, but their relationship is only for public viewing. At home, they may develop...


The Road To Happiness Is Constant Contact

Building a life and future together is often said to take a great deal of work, but time is also an important factor. Carving time...


Going in Different Directions

Two people in a long term relationship often communicate on the surface only, and this causes them to drift away from each other. They may...


Sharing When Separated

Today’s mobile society has caused many couples to deal with physical separation, but the proliferation of electronic devices has helped them cope. Rather than being...


Creating Talking Time

Communication is one of the most important factors in a relationship, and it is still necessary when a couple has been together for years. Dating...


Rediscovering Communication

Long term relationships grow stale when the partners take each other for granted, and this can lead to a complete breakdown in communication. While the...


When Harmony Disappears

Couples who have long been in agreement on many issues may suddenly find their lives turned upside down as the world changes. When two people...


Finding the Relationship Tune

Two people will generally not look at everything in quite the same way, and their differing viewpoints can add to a relationship. Each person brings...

It is rare for two people to be able to finish each other's sentences, but it does happen with couples who have been together for decades. Sometimes, this occurs when they have only been together for a few years, and this is because they are in complete harmony with each other. Couples like this often spend a great deal of their time talking about their beliefs, goals and opinions. Each one takes the time to listen intently, and they remember what their partner has said.

The hurry up and wait attitude of the modern world has taken away the time many couples have to spend with each other. Digital devices claim their attention at home, and errands are many and time-consuming. Spending the time to talk about their day or the world around them has become a thing of the past for many, but couples who truly want to finish each other's sentences will make the time to be together.