Finding the Relationship Tune

Two people will generally not look at everything in quite the same way, and their differing viewpoints can add to a relationship. Each person brings a unique perspective to their life, and it can be at odds with their partner. There is nothing wrong with this on many issues, but they must be in agreement on at least a few things or the relationship will suffer from a lack of balance. Finding the relationship tune they will both heed is a way to help them discover their similarities.

Learning how to see things from another person’s point of view can be difficult, and it takes a person with a willingness to compromise to be able to do it. Some people can only do it on a few things, and others can do it if the issues are unimportant to them at the beginning. For those who struggle, their partner might at least appreciate the fact they are trying to view things from a new angle.

People are often subject to keeping their earliest experiences close, and that forms the base of how they perceive the world. For a person brought up in poverty, waste can be anathema. They might be with someone who was brought up with plenty, and their partner’s inability to understand their need for conservation might become a stumbling block in the relationship. Each person needs to move their viewpoint closer to the center, and their relationship tune will harmonize as they proceed.

There are couples who have agreed not to discuss issues where they do not agree, but an undercurrent can run through their happiness. It might eventually turn them away from each other as the discord continues to take hold, so learning how to at least appreciate the other person’s stance could be the one thing that can save their relationship.